PLACES Operates Three Programs in Montgomery County, Ohio:

  • The Residential Adult Care Facilities program was established in 1988. We provide housing and personal care services for adults diagnosed with severe mental health disorders. Make a referral.
  • The Supportive Living Program was established in 1995. We provide case management and life skills training for adults diagnosed with mental health disorders who are living in homes or apartments or who have been homeless. Make a referral.
  • The Housing First Program was established in 2004. We provide permanent housing and on-site supportive services for adults diagnosed with mental health disorders who are homeless. Make a referral.

PLACES is a good steward of its funds: 86 percent of the projected expenses are for the three programs for residents, clients and tenants and for supportive services and housing provided by our community partners through the Opening Doors for the Homeless program.


Collaborating with Service Providers for Residents, Clients and Tenants:

PLACES provides services important for recovery but not all the services clients require. Other service providers are needed to deliver medically necessary services such as healthcare, psychology, psychiatry, therapy and treatment for issues such as substance abuse.

To ensure that all residents, clients and tenants of PLACES get all the services they need, PLACES collaborates with service providers throughout the community to develop and execute an individual plan for each person we serve. The plan clearly defines the services each individual needs and the responsibilities of each provider.

PLACES submits quarterly reports to the primary service provider on progress being made by each individual. Continuous communication between PLACES and service providers helps ensure that the needs of each individual are being met.